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Over the years, I have worked with a diverse range of clients that struggle with a wide range of mental health issues. I specialize in the following:

Mental Health Issues:

Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Stress Management


Living with depression or high anxiety is debilitating and draining. Feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, worry, sadness, and distress can significantly impact your well-being and overall outlook on life. These issues, among others, affect countless people in very real and meaningful ways, and it is therefore vital to understand how your thoughts and emotions alter your behaviours. In our work together, we will work on finding healthier ways to cope with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and stress. Additionally, we will explore how to be more present in your life so that you can make the changes you desire.


Life Transitions:

Loss, Divorce, Breakup, Retirement, Career Change, New Parents, Chronic Pain, etc.


Creating the life you want sometimes means letting go of what no longer serves you. Life is constantly changing and we are constantly evolving; however, when change occurs unexpectedly, it can often be very challenging. Moving into the next chapter of your life, whether by choice or not, can be scary and met with a tremendous amount of self-doubt. However, accepting a “new normal” or embracing what feels like a brand new life can also be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. In our work together, we will explore how to accept painful experiences and lean into discomfort with compassion. Creating the life you want takes work, but the good news is that the person who stands to benefit most from the work is you.

Self-Development Work:

Dysfunctional patterning, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, family of origin work, increase motivation and insight, etc.


Life can be full of ups and downs and, sometimes, it can be hard to keep up! Each chapter of our life is filled with important experiences that help shape who we are and how we see the world. But have you ever wondered why you make some of the choices and decisions in your life, especially when many of them do not serve you in a positive way? Understanding and gaining insight around unconscious patterning that drive your behaviour and choices can be incredibly empowering. In our work together, we will raise your self-awareness, process your intense emotions and life events, get "unstuck", and bring  more joy and fulfillment into your life. True empowerment is recognizing that you have a choice in how you perceive the world and you must take full responsibility for your choices, decisions and actions.  Join me as we become active participants in life!



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