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Grow Your 
Mindfulness Practice

I Can Be Mindful Journal
A journal to help you become mindful throughout your day

The I Can Be Mindful journal is a simple and clear guide to strengthen your ability to be present. This journal serves as a tool to create moments of insight and clarity each day, and it offers you the ability to become an active participant in your life. Each day presents an opportunity to begin again and use your inner wisdom to create the life of your dreams, one mindful moment at a time.

The I Can Be Mindful journal is designed to be straightforward, quick and motivating. Each page prompts you to go inwards, reflect on your thoughts and emotions, and create moments of insight to last a lifetime. You will be asked to reflect on the following concepts:

  • Set an intention for the day

  • Reflect on your thoughts and emotions

  • Create moments of insight and clarity

  • Grow your self-care practice and become intentional with your time

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I Can Be Mindful Workbook
Daily exercises for adults and teens to manage anxiety, let go of stress, and become self-aware

The I Can Be Mindful Workbook is designed to be straightforward, quick and motivating. There are several different types of exercises that will help you develop your ability to be present and respond to your thoughts and emotions with ease.

  • Breathing Exercises - allow you to become aware of your body in the present moment

  • Feelings Exercises - increase your awareness of your emotions and how they impact your behaviour

  • Grounding Exercises - help anchor you in the present moment so that you can let go of your worries

  • Thought Exercises - builds awareness around your inner dialogue and how you speak to yourself

  • Anxiety Exercises - help you manage and respond to your anxiety and worry with compassion

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I Can Be Mindful and Sober Journal
Daily journal prompts and exercises to increase self-awareness in sobriety

Each day presents an opportunity to be mindful and to be sober. Always remember that how you respond to the challenges and struggles in your daily life is a choice, and though it can be difficult to quiet the noise around you, it is absolutely possible if you are willing to do the work.

Learning to cultivate a mindfulness practice in sobriety is a powerful strategy to tolerate negative emotions and challenge limiting thoughts. Moreover, it can strengthen the ability to be self-aware and give you greater control over urges/cravings

The I Can Be Mindful and Sober journal is a guide to help you create moments of clarity and insight, as well as strengthen your sobriety. It offers journal prompts and exercises to help you:

  • Become clear about your goals in sobriety

  • Increase self-awareness around triggers, emotions and thoughts

  • Strengthen your physical and mental health

  • Become more intentional and purposeful in your daily life

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Flower Trees Adult Coloring Book

COVER Colouring Books (8x10).jpg

This adult coloring book includes 50 Flower Tree designs that will keep you feeling calm, relaxed and stress-free for hours! Coloring can bring a sense of peace and serenity, while also allowing your mind to flow away from yourself. Channel your inner artist and release any burdens from the day! Use this book to build a mindfulness practice that can help increase your focus, decrease your anxiety, and improve your overall well-being.

This Flower Trees Adult Coloring Book offers:

1) An opportunity to de-stress and unwind from your hectic day
2) Enchanting and high resolutions designs
3) Single-sided pages to ensure no color bleed
4) A calming exercise for adults of all skill levels
5) The perfect gift for anyone who would like to channel their creative side or simply express themselves

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